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About Fujin Industry

FUJIN INDUSTRY is a manufacturing company that specializes in cold chamber high-pressure Aluminium Die-Casting. We are located in Malaysia and have been in operation since 2019.


Our focus is on producing key Aluminium die-casting components for a variety of industries such as household products, auto-motives, energy-saving, electronics, telecommunication, lighting, and other mechanical components.


Our goal is to provide high-quality products that meet and exceed our customers' expectations.


At FUJIN INDUSTRY, we are committed to providing excellent customer service and ensuring that our clients are satisfied with our products.

We strive to provide innovative solutions that meet the changing needs of the market. Our core values include a dedication to transparency, accessibility, and a focus on continuous improvement. We believe that by upholding these values, we can provide the best possible service to our customers.


Company Mission & Vision 


Our mission is to provide high-quality cold chamber high-pressure Aluminium Dice-Casting products that meet and exceed our customers' expectations. We aim to be a reliable and trusted partner to our clients, providing them with the solutions they need to succeed in their respective industries.


Our Vision is to become one of the leading Die-casting companies in Malaysia and Be the world’s most trusted technology company.

Core Values

Integrity 诚信


"Integrity" is a term that refers to the quality of being honest and having strong moral principles. It involves consistency in one's actions, values, methods, measures, principles, expectations, and outcomes. Someone with integrity is seen as trustworthy, dependable, and sincere. They adhere to their values and ethical standards even when faced with difficult decisions or temptations.

Overall, integrity is a fundamental virtue that contributes to building a positive reputation, fostering trust, and promoting ethical behavior in both individuals and organizations.

Accountability 承担

We believe that accountability is essential to providing the best possible service to our clients. We are committed to being available and responsive to our clients' needs and ensuring that they have access to the information and support they need to succeed.

Accountability is the concept of being responsible and answerable for one's actions, decisions, and outcomes. It involves a willingness to accept the consequences, whether positive or negative, that arise from these actions and decisions. Accountability extends to both personal and professional contexts, emphasizing the importance of integrity, transparency, and responsibility in various aspects of life.

Diligence 勤奋

We are committed to continuous improvement at FUJIN INDUSTRY. We believe that there is always room for improvement, and we are constantly looking for ways to enhance our products and services to better meet the needs of our clients. We believe that by focusing on continuous improvement, we can stay ahead of the competition and provide the best possible service to our clients. Diligence is one of our core values that all of our employee needed to pratices. 

Efficiency 高效

We are committed to all of our employee and management team with the core vakue of efficiency  at FUJIN INDUSTRY. Efficiency is highly valued in both personal and professional contexts because it allows individuals and organization to accomplish more while conserving valuable resources. By maximizing output and minimizing waste, efficiency contributes to increased productivity, cost savings, and improved overall performance.

Absolutely, instilling the core value of efficiency in employees can have numerous positive impacts on their performance, the organization's success, and the overall work environment.

Innovation 创新

Innovation is a key part of our approach at FUJIN INDUSTRY. We are constantly looking for new and better ways to produce our products, using the latest technology and techniques to ensure that we stay ahead of the competition. We are committed to staying at the forefront of our industry, and we believe that innovation is essential to our continued success.

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